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MIT Beaver Works

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MIT's Lincoln Laboratory Beaver Works Center (Lincoln Beaver Works) conducts research and educational programs that strengthen and expand collaborative efforts between Lincoln Laboratory and MIT campus.

Beaver Works is a joint center chartered by the MIT School of engineering and MIT Lincoln Laboratory, operated by the Laboratory.   

Dr. Robert Shin, Head of Lincoln Laboratory's ISR and Tactical Systems Division, is the director of the center. He is a recipient of the Irwin Sizer award, presented by MIT’s Graduate Student Council, recognizing an individual or group for their “significant innovations and improvements to MIT education.

// Collaboration provides opportunities to make an impact on pressing global problems through science, research, and education.
// Leverages synergies between campus research and Lincoln Laboratory technology areas to generate innovative solutions.
// Exposes a new generation of students to opportunities in engineering, research, and service to the nation and world.

MIT BWSI Overview With Staff Interviews

Beaver Works Summer Institute

The MIT Beaver Works Summer Institute (BWSI) is a rigorous, world-class STEM program for talented students who will be entering their senior year in high school. The four-week program teaches STEM skills through project-based, workshop-style courses. BWSI began in 2016 with a single course offered to 46 students, a mix of local daytime students and out-of-state residential students.

In 2019, BWSI offered ten courses along with online content. Courses build skills in a number of technology areas to teach students the skills, both technical and teamwork, to succeed in science and engineering.

The latest summer class class included over 240 students and for the first time we also hosted a middle school program using the RACECAR course.

BWSI is continuing with existing offerings and new project-based courses, but has a vision to expand the program beyond what they can support. The Institute is working with collaborators to scale up the program nationally and internationally.

BWSI is actively seeking middle and high school STEM teachers who want to incorporate the BWSI concepts and materials into their classrooms.

BWSI's vision is a broad network of like-programs that will help improve engineering education, and toward that goal, share its work and ideas with universities and schools worldwide.

Contact BWSI at bwsi-admin@mit.edu for information on how to adopt this program into your school curriculum.

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